The Great Munden Parish Council is a non-political Local Government body consisting of five members (Councillors). The members would like to make sure you are aware of what is happening in your parish and they would very much like you to share your views with them on anything that you are doing or anything that you feel that Parish Council should be undertaking. Please subscribe to the Parish Council’s mailing list if you would like to be sent updates directly to your inbox.

The Great Munden Parish Council is one of the smallest parishes in Hertfordshire comprising four hamlets, namely Great Munden, Nasty, Rush Green and Levens Green. The total electorate is only 255.

Great Munden Parish is approximately 6 miles to the north west of Ware and is in an agricultural, rural and picturesque area. This particular area is relatively unspoilt and contains some of the prettiest and most tranquil areas in East Herts. It is interspersed with narrow country lanes and is particularly fortunate to have an extensive network of byways, bridleways and footpaths. It is in fact a paradise for cyclists, horse-riders, walkers and all country-lovers and your Councillors feel very privileged to serve in this area and they do all in their power to preserve this legacy.

IMPORTANT – changes to NHS Services

Last year Herts & Essex Clinical Commissioning Group publicly consulted on limiting the availability of certain procedures and certain medicines on prescription. These limitations are now in operation. It is important that you understand the new situation prior to visiting your GP. GP’s are not responsible for these rules but are obliged to comply with them. At this stage we do not have comprehensive details but an overview […]

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More useful smartphone apps.

East Herts Air Ambulance This app provides a one button facility to call the emergency services, an SOS flashlight and GPS tracking in order that the emergency services can find you. Bearing in mind the isolated nature of our community, you are urged to download this, particularly if you regularly are out and about on your own. Lives have been saved by its use. Telephone Protection Service This […]

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New Red Cross Emergency App.

The British Red Cross have recently released a free Emergency App for apple and android devices that provides real-time alerts, severe weather warnings and practical advice to the public in preparing for and responding to emergencies.  The app can also be set up to provide alerts that may affect family or friends elsewhere in the country.   Herts Constabulary has engaged with the Red Cross on this and would […]

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Cats shot in the parish

Over the last few weeks two cats have been shot; one at Brockholds Farm and one at Levens Green. It appears that the weapon used was a .2250 rifle or similar which is a powerful weapon with a considerable range. It is probable that this was a result of a deliberate act or a consequence of ‘lamping’, i.e. shooting at night by the light of lamps when the […]

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Herts Traffic and Casualty Report

The 2017 Traffic and Transport Data Report and the 2017 Road Casualty Factsheet (both based on 2016 data) have now been published. To view the documents visit: or go to the ‘Documents’ section of this website –HCC / EHDCC documents and consultations. Transport data in Hertfordshire shows: 1.7% growth in traffic in 2016, surpassing pre-recession highs, which mirrors national trends Traffic is predicted to grow 20% by 2031 Rail grew by 5% in 2016, which […]

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New restrictions on NHS provisions & new non-emergency hospital transport scheme

Following public consultation the local CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) has placed restrictions on certain services which were part of the NHS offering. Also, amongst other things there is a new system for non-emergency hospital transport. For details of the above, please go to the ‘Documents’ tab on this website and then click on the ‘HCC/EHDC documents and consultations’ folder where you will find the document ‘CCG briefing October […]

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