Thriving Together

East Herts Council has launched ‘Thriving Together’, a draft plan for how it will work with residents and community groups to tackle critical issues such as isolation and loneliness, and help people feel better connected and able to enjoy activities that boost their health and wellbeing.

Many people live busy lives juggling multiple responsibilities or face other challenges when it comes to keeping active or spending time with others. The council is keen to hear what wellbeing means to its residents, and what they want to see as part of a local action plan.

Please access the survey consultation pages here to find the Communications toolkit which can be used to connect with and hear from community groups, partners and organisations you may know or have links with.

The toolkit has:

  • a survey poster
  • a community newsletter template
  • suggested media post templates
  • tips about how to engage with the communities and residents in East Herts
  • a survey link to encourage residents, partners and community groups to provide feedback and share their thoughts online.

Alternatively, people can call 01992 531471 or visit drop-in events at libraries across the district, providing an opportunity for in-person discussions and feedback. The sessions take place throughout October and November with times and locations listed on the council’s website.

We have had a good response so far, however we know that as Town and Parish Councils you are well placed to be the local face of contact with the residents you support and represent. If you can help, please in promoting the consultation phase as widely as possible from now until Sunday 12thNovember 12pm so a high level of engagement can be achieved I would be most grateful.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Simon Barfoot

Healthy Lifestyles Programme Officer – Community Wellbeing & Partnerships

East Herts District Council

T: 01992 531471

M: 07921 403873