Nasty Solar Farm – Complaint to EHDC

The Parish Council have issued a formal complaint to the Chief Executive of EHDC regarding the above.

The main issues are that the transport plan for construction vehicles was not adhered to and despite numerous representations to the Planning Dept. from the Council and local citizens, no enforcement action was taken.

Perhaps the most serious concern however is the fact that of the 14 pre-conditions for acceptance on appeal, only 1 was discharged prior to the commencement of construction and many have not been discharged to this date. Some of these can now not be met.
Planning stated that they did not think it worthwhile to take enforcement action or suspend construction as the development was in an advanced stage, a situation not helped by the fact that they took nearly a month to respond to enquiries from us about this situation.

A copy of this letter together with EHDC’s reply is contained in a folder entitled ‘Solar Farm’ in the documents section of this website.

We consider EHDC’s reply to be totally unsatisfactory and an extraordinary meeting of the Council will be held shortly to formulate a response.
In the meantime we have accepted their invitation to a meeting to discuss the situation before we escalate the complaint to the next level.

A report on this meeting, held on Friday 10th March has been added to the Solar Farm folder.

Now added is the response from EHDC to the above meeting and the archaeological report which was not issued prior to the construction being completed and which we were concerned had not been carried out.

Correspondence has been entered into with Liz Watts, the Chief Executive of EHDC which due to its nature is not suitable for public circulation but she has assured us that she is taking steps to improve the processes within the Planning Dept. and to address the issues we raised.