Audit & Financials for 2016-2017

The Annual Return for 31st March 2017 is now available to view in the ‘document’ section of this site.
Please note that whilst the Internal Audit has been completed, the result of which forms part of the return, the external audit has yet to be done and therefore it is possible that figures could change.
As regards the comments from the Council and the Auditor regarding non-compliance in respect of the financial risk assessment, this is a technical breach in that the document is in place but due to an oversight and the appointment of a new Clerk at mid year the content was not minuted as being reviewed during the year.

Any parishioner has the right to view the full set of accounts and supporting documentation ¬†or to raise a query with the external auditors within a set time period. Please see the document entitled ‘Exercise of Public Rights’ posted along with the Annual Return for details.