illustration of a defibrillator

Immediate action is vital when dealing with a sudden cardiac arrest. Read more here.

In the event of an emergency Always ring 999 first.

There are several defibrillators located in the area.

Find the precise location of all defibrillators here.

Location of nearest defibrillators:

  • Dane End, in the old Telephone Box next to Dane End Stores, SG12 0LX
  • Hamals Park on the post near Hamels Mansion, Buntingford SG9 9NA
  • There are a further six defibrillators in Buntingford – Click link

The code for the cabinet an be obtained by ringing 999

Standon & Puckeridge 1st Responders are a Charity who serve our community – see their website here.

You can follow also the steps outlined in the attached handout which tells you how to use the system.

Information on how to perform CPR is contained in this NHS Page.