Standon and Puckeridge first responders was founded on the 1st of December 2014 to provide an essential, fast response to people with medical emergencies in Standon and Puckeridge and the surrounding area. Our voluntary team of local first responders are ready to respond before the East of England Ambulance Service arrives in the crucial 8 minutes.

Visit the Standon and Puckeridge First Responders

999 Emergencies – 101 Non-emergencies – Online

For information and advice you can contact your local Officer who covers the villages of:

Throcking, Cromer, Walkern, Benington, Dane End, The Mundens, Westmill, High Cross, Wadesmill, Thunderidge, Colliers End, Ardley, Moor Green, Wood End, Haultwick, Nasty.

PC 992 Mark Jenkins – – Mobile 07590 441325
PCSO 6672 Karen Broad – – Mobile 07740 745167

VETS is a community run system and enables up to 10 ‘good neighbours’ to assist pending the arrival of the emergency services. A local number is used as a single point of contact using “Hunting-Group” technology to ring all volunteers phone numbers simultaneously.