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Circular walk from Nasty (approximately 3 miles)

A typical rural walk, mostly off-road, passing Great Munden Parish Church and then following some ancient rights of way. The bridleways and byways are bordered by native hedgerows and you will pass the site of the homestead moat at the Old Parsonage.

  1. Leave the village of Nasty and at the southern end of the village take footpath 6 passing through two metal kissing gates and traversing a meadow.01 footpath 6 View towards Vale Cottages
  2. Keep to footpath 6 and cross a small bridge to your right.02 footpath 13 gate to meadow
  3. Follow this footpath which runs along the back of Vale Cottages. After the last cottage turn left and cross over a small bridge, through a metal kissing gate and follow the path up the hill.03 meadow on footpath 13
  4. Near the barns of Munden Bury Farm pass through another metal kissing gate and walk towards the big metal gate leading onto Mentley Lane. There is a small wooden gate for pedestrians to access the road.04 wooded pathway on footpath 13
  5. Turn right and follow the road past Great Munden Church and churchyard.05 south towards footpath 11
  6. Past the churchyard turn left onto footpath 62 to join bridleway 13.06 view towards levens green
  7. On reaching bridleway 13 turn right and follow the path to a gate leading into a meadow.07 meadow
  8. Pass through this gate and follow the bridleway to the gate opposite. Go through this gateway.08. foopath along edge of field
  9. Continue along the bridleway keeping the copse of trees on your right (this path can get very muddy in wet weather). The path will emerge onto a private road. Keep straight ahead with Bugby’s Farm house on your left. Pass through the gateway and pass the pond on your left.09 old parsonage
  10. Immediately after passing the pond head south onto footpath 11. The path soon bears right and follow this path until you reach a small wooded area.10 Byway 27
  11. To your left at the wooded area you will find a gate. Enter this gate and follow the path to the other side of the trees.11 Byway 46
  12. When you emerge from the wooded area you will see Libury Hall and Libury Hall Farm straight ahead. Turn right and follow the path until you reach some steps at a small copse.12 Byway 46
  13. Go up the steps and proceed straight ahead to bridleway 16. Then turn right.
  14. Pass the Old Parsonage site surrounded by a moat.
  15. Before reaching the cattle grid leading onto bridleway 13 bear right onto bridleway 17 across a grassed area to a five-bar gate. Go through this gateway and cross through the meadow. Ahead is a pathway through the hedge which joins bridleway 13.
  16. Cross over bridleway 13 to join byway 27 ahead. Follow this byway to its junction with byway 46. Turn right onto byway 46.
  17. Follow byway 46 until you reach a road. At the road, turn right and follow the road for ……. yards.
  18. Prior to reaching Great Munden Church, you will see a footpath on your left (FP 4). Take this footpath which crosses a small bridge and passes through a small wooded area until you come to another small wooden bridge. Cross this bridge and keep straight ahead until you reach the junction with footpath 1.
  19. Here turn right and head in an easterly direction. There will be a hedge on your left-hand side. Keep following this path and then cross another small wooden bridge ahead. Follow the pathway straight through this field.
  20. At the bottom is another small bridge to cross and you will enter a small enclosed paddock with a hedge on your left. Continue straight ahead and pass through a small wooden gate. The path then continues straight ahead past Chequers Cottage onto the roadway through the village of Nasty.
  21. On reaching the road turn right to return to the starting point.