The Great Munden Parish Council is a non-political Local Government body consisting of five members (Councillors). This Council serves one of the smallest parishes in Hertfordshire.  The parish consists of four hamlets, Great Munden, Nasty, Rush Green and Levens Green.  The electorate is 255 at the present time.

Great Munden Parish is approximately 6 miles to the north west of Ware in East Hertfordshire and is in a beautiful, rural, tranquil area nestled between the A10 and A1. The agricultural farm land is interspersed with narrow country lanes.  It is treasured by country lovers and is a paradise for horse-riders and walkers with its network of bridleways and footpaths.

The Great Munden Parish Councillors work hard as volunteers to preserve this habitat in the knowledge that it’s parish residents love this way of life.  They believe they are custodians of this countryside, and architecture.   As such they work to serve the parishioners who live in this rural idyll.