Parish Council meeting dates for 2021

The next meeting will be held at St. Nicholas Church @ 7.30pm

Tuesday 11th May 2021  AGM and Annual Parish Meeting

Future meeting dates:
10th August 2021
5th October 2021
7th December 2021

The Great Munden Parish Council is a non-political Local Government body consisting of five members (Councillors). The members would like to make sure you are aware of what is happening in your parish and they would very much like you to share your views with them on anything that you are doing or anything that you feel that Parish Council should be undertaking. Please subscribe to the Parish Council’s mailing list if you would like to be sent updates directly to your inbox.

The Great Munden Parish Council is one of the smallest parishes in Hertfordshire comprising four hamlets, namely Great Munden, Nasty, Rush Green and Levens Green. The total electorate is only 255.

Great Munden Parish is approximately 6 miles to the north west of Ware and is in an agricultural, rural and picturesque area. This particular area is relatively unspoilt and contains some of the prettiest and most tranquil areas in East Herts. It is interspersed with narrow country lanes and is particularly fortunate to have an extensive network of byways, bridleways and footpaths. It is in fact a paradise for cyclists, horse-riders, walkers and all country-lovers and your Councillors feel very privileged to serve in this area and they do all in their power to preserve this legacy.

Re-Arranged Annual Meetings 25th May 2021

Annual Parish Meeting in the churchyard at St. Nicholas Church on Tuesday 25th May 2021 at 7.00pm. The High Court has ruled that Councils should return to face-to-face meetings, but Corona-virus rules require a maximum of 30 people outside or 6 people inside with live streaming. As there is not adequate signal at the church, and the meeting must by law be held before the end of May, […]

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